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Brief Recap

For what to do next, I’d say try to learn the development process, techniques, technologies, methods, etc that most companies use. The code camp is great for learning technical stuff, but without the correct procedures you’ll have a hard time finding a job. A really, really hard time. So better learn about Agile methods, version control systems such as GIT, repositories for those vcs such as GitHub, task runners such as GULP, CSS standardisation methods like BEM (/ OOCSS / SMACSS), HTML pre-processors like Pug and CSS pre-processors like SASS, software architecture / patterns, etc Try fiddling some code at services like CodePen, those are great tools to show what you can do, and it can work as a sort of portfolio as well. I know I would value a decent CodePen profile much higher than yet another generic non-profit website. If your only approach to coding has been through the camp, I’m sure by now you know A LOT of stuff, but to me the biggest missing piece here is the how to do it. So I’d say focus on that. As for PHP and Ruby, it depends on where you want to focus. They are great tools, but definitely not needed if you want to ride the Front End Developer route. If you really, really want to know some new coding stuff, definitely go with React, which is probably the most demanded front end skill. Vue es trending like crazy too, and Angular 2/4/5 is a valid option too. For more of a backend oriented profile you must know by now about MongoDB and Node.js, which are in much higher demand than PHP or Ruby. So in your place I’d focus on that stack. But to each his own. Going “full stack” is totally valid, but not the best approach imho. Try specialising and let teamwork do the rest. Congrats on earning all those certificates, impressive stuff!

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